From Volunteer Services Manager Kris Gallert

What are your memories of riding a bike? As a child, riding my bike represented freedom, not able to drive a car, bike riding gave me a sense of independence. If I was frustrated or upset, bike rides could change my attitude. The regular movement of cycling has a relaxing effect on the brain; biking can literally make us happy! As an adult, it became a favorite form of exercise, from short trail rides with my kids to long weekend rides exploring other cities with friends. Thinking about riding brings back so many great memories. This summer, Shorehaven has been helping residents relive their bike riding days by offering rides on our trishaw. A trishaw is a 3 wheeled electric motor assisted bike with a seat in the front for passengers. The trishaw allows residents with limited mobility to enjoy bike riding once again. Residents feel the wind in their hair, while enjoying a slow ride around Oconomowoc. Riding the trishaw helps build relationships and encourages residents to tell stories, all while enjoying the outdoors. A simple bike ride can have a huge impact on residents and volunteers. If you love to ride bikes and want to share that love with others please consider learning to drive the trishaw. Call 262-560-6915 to be trained as a pilot.