Here to Serve

Reflecting Christ’s love, we provide homes and resources for seniors.

We are proud to celebrating our 85th year of service to our communities. Each day we embrace our core values:

  • Valuing our seniors, we are the hands of Christ in the services we provide.
  • We respect our seniors’ independence, rights, and support their decision to age in place for as long as possible.
  • We provide security and comfort in the homes of seniors on our campus and in the community, preserving their dignity with grace.
  • We value community partnerships.
  • We respect our seniors’ faith and beliefs.
  • We respect, value, and support our employees, volunteers, and families.
  • We are committed to enriching the lives of seniors.
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Dale Dahlke


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Bryan Polinske


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Joan Birr


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Emily Karls


Carolyn Clauter e1617215823761
Carolyn Clauter

Director of Human Resources