Shorehaven Rehabilitation Care Coordinator Jordan (Kaempf) Wiener

Date of Hire: 10/30/2013 as a CNA

If you want to advance in your career, Shorehaven might be the place for you. Jordan (Kaempf) Wiener started at Shorehaven in 2013 at a CNA. During her career as a CNA she went to school to become a Registered Nurse (RN). Jordan said, “For myself becoming a CNA was a stepping stone to help me decide if I really wanted to become a nurse. Once I accomplished that goal of becoming an RN, the doors for advancement opportunities opened. It took putting myself in situations outside of my comfort zone to allow me to grow the confidence to handle the challenges that I would be faced with.”

After taking the step to becoming an RN, Jordan took advantage of opportunities, she joined committees and was an active participant. Through this experience, Jordan advanced to be a Charge Nurse, taking a lead role in coordinating the care on second shift. Jordan advises, “The more active you are, the better chance you have to create the work environment you will thrive in, personally and vocationally. You can be your own advocate, creating a work environment you love, and where it doesn’t feel like work.”

Building those skills, in 2021 Jordan took the opportunity to advance in the role of Rehab Care Coordinator, a role that coordinates residents’ care after hospital discharge, throughout therapy and nursing recovery, to residents’ next level of care. “I’m able to grow my leadership skills and can gain knowledge of the healthcare system as a whole. I’m able to mentor my staff, which is truly rewarding. I love helping the residents who come to Shorehaven in need of healing, and I can’t wait to see them walk out the door.”