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Help support our seniors that outlive their finances.

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Shorehaven is a not-for-profit organization and is leading a movement of generosity to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of older Americans.  100% of your gift will provide shelter and support services to seniors in our community.

Shorehaven’s Charitable Foundation is the heart of Shorehaven’s legacy. Supporting this foundation helps Shorehaven pay for homes and resources for our seniors that outlive their finances. Honoring our Christian-centered mission, we continue to care for those individuals by subsidizing millions of dollars to continue care. Financial gifts to this ministry support the legacy our founders started in 1939 and will lead us into the future.

2023 Fall Appeal

The changing of seasons is here! Leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping; pools, piers and boats are being put away. We reach for sweatshirts and coats, and the sun sets earlier in the West. During our changing seasons, it’s easy to just keep going on the treadmill of life. So please pause for a moment with me, take in the crimson leaves, and join me in reflecting on all we have to be thankful for!!

We have SO many reasons to be grateful here at Shorehaven. First and foremost, we are grateful for the residents who have entrusted their care and comfort to us. We are truly grateful that we can provide for those who throughout their lives created the communities we live in. The volunteers have returned in great numbers, and many new ones have joined us! We are so very thankful for those volunteers whose spirit of compassion moves
them to be here for our residents. The first of our neighborhood renovation projects is done in our skilled-care facility and our staff is getting VERY good at moving residents back to their remodeled households. Our goal is to provide increased efficiency for our staff and greater accessibility for our residents along with a bright new look. The energy we felt from the residents as they moved in to their new updated home was inspiring. The continued support and encouragement of our residents’ family members is AMAZING! They continually show up to help, be involved and uphold our staff. We have so much community engagement on our campus from Oconomowoc Homecoming, bag game tournaments, live music for happy hour to the participation of local clergy to enhance
residents’ faith lives. Residents and staff are grateful for our incredible grounds, facilities and access to the lake. We are SO blessed!

In a world that could use a little more love and thankfulness, I hope you will pause, also, during this season to reflect on your own list of blessings. As we move into the fall season, I hear many people asking what the winter season will be like. Will it be mild or harsh? No one really knows. So it is with the seasons of our own lives. None of us knows what the Lord has in store for us. Will our progression from the fall into the winter season of our lives be mild or harsh?

Each year we send out an appeal to you asking you to remember our residents and the work that we do here on our campus to provide for their transition through the seasons of their lives. Our Charitable Foundation exists to help us offset the costs that Shorehaven incurs when there is a change of seasons in our residents’ lives and they outlive their financial resources. Just as we can’t predict the type of winter we will experience here in Wisconsin, our residents couldn’t predict the length of their days or the state of their health in this season of their life. My prayer is that you will generously support this appeal with a financial gift to help grow the Foundation and sustain the mission of Shorehaven. We have been Reflecting Christ’s love by providing homes and resources for seniors for
ALMOST 85 years in our community. With your financial help and prayers, we will continue to provide comfort and care in the Oconomowoc community for many more seasons.

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Jalane Sauer
Foundation Development & Communications Manager

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