By Coordinator Jill Halliburton –

warrior2We are the Center for Life Enrichment and we are here to do just that, enrich people’s lives.  We are dedicated to bringing educational and inspirational programs on subjects such as history, writing, music, art and hand-held device training. We offer craft and candy making classes throughout the year. We give local professionals a platform to inform our patrons and residents on local developments.

We also host weekly TED talk discussions. These one hour sessions bring to light contemporary ideas facing our world.  These intriguing group discussions are the highlight of my week. We feature monthly movies and grief support in our campus Roehl Auditorium. We are very excited to bring back luncheons and concerts in the fall of 2021. Our goal is to make the Center for Life Enrichment a place where people feel they belong.

It’s been exciting to re5850see people return to the Center and I invite you to take a look at our monthly newsletter available on our website,