She didn’t start painting till age 75, but that didn’t stop Lake Terrace Apartments resident Pat B. from creating a firestorm of watercolor and acrylic works.

Pat displayed her art at the Lake Terrace Clubhouse in July, showcasing portraits, wooded trails, ocean scapes, and hidden glades. “I had to stop playing golf and tennis, so I started painting,” she explained. “My father was an artist, so I was surrounded my whole life by art.” To launch into acrylics, she bought the biggest canvas in the store and just started. “I needed a challenge and I always wanted to try acrylics. I didn’t have a teacher at that point. I didn’t know where to start. I put my finger in the middle and painted the pathway. And that got me started. Sometimes you don’t know where to start…But I didn’t have time to doubt myself.”

Pat’s favorite subject? “Trees. I just love painting trees. Whether it’s summer, fall, or early winter, I am intrigued by trees.”

She is most enthused by the upcoming art exhibit at Lake Terrace Clubhouse, where fellow independent living residents will proudly display their works. Woodworking, oils, pastels, charcoal, pencil – “We’ll get to view others’ work and get to know a little about who they are and why they create.”

“We are all surprised about how many people tap into creative pursuits,” she said. “This gallery will bring people out to appreciate each others’ talents.”

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