service nick

Shorehaven Chaplain Nick Slater introduced a “Service of the Nativity” this week, inviting residents and families to share the spiritual experience.

On a cold winter’s evening Chaplain cited, “The Nativity brings together Mary, Joseph, the Christ Child, the animals, the Shepherds, and the Angels. And even though the wise men probably did not appear at the manger, they are an integral part of the Christmas story. And so we include them in the scene in order to tell a more complete story of the birth of Jesus the Christ. The Nativity is a visual proclamation of the Christmas story and our Christmas hope. In placing the Nativity in our rooms, on our mailboxes, in our households, and on our mantels we are declaring and also sharing our hope in the God who took on flesh for our sakes. It declares and shares to those who observe it that we have a wonderful story to tell. The story of how a loving Creator God became one with those whom He created to repair a broken relationship. It is a story that shines through the birth of every child and resonates in the supportive ties of every family. And so tonight we build our Nativity together, and we share God’s story with one another, and we hear God’s story for ourselves.”

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