Kevin Pehler, owner and partner at Oconomowoc-based production company 3Barn, approached us recently with an idea: What would you think of getting a drone shot of Shorehaven residents holding up signs on our skywalk to share with their family members and our community? The idea took flight, and, as we discussed the message, one theme, one word encompassed the feeling on our campus right now: Hope.


Hope is here at Shorehaven. While the world outside our walls brings uncertain changes, we remain steadfast in our mission: “Reflecting Christ’s love, we provide homes and resources for seniors.” We’re taking care of the residents and staff on our campus because it’s who we are. It’s what we’ve done over the past eight decades, and with the help of our residents, their families, and our community, we remain optimistic that we will continue to weather this storm together. 


We’re in this together with you and for your loved ones. Why? Because hope is here at Shorehaven.


We thank our friend, Kevin Pehler, for his incredible work on this video. He volunteered his time and talent, all for our cause – for our campus, for our residents. For you.


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