easter bunnies2It blossomed like an Easter lily. The idea grew from a granddaughter’s simple request.

Oconomowoc’s Lynn Darnell wanted to do something special for Shorehaven seniors confined to their rooms during the Governor’s COVID-19 Shelter in Place order. Lynn’s granddaughter Emma asked her, “Grandma Lynn, can we make bunny bags again this year?”

“That was when it hit me,” Lynn said. “So many seniors are stuck in their rooms, so why don’t we cheer them up by making bunny bags! Lots of them!”

She posted the idea on social media, and within minutes the donations rolled in. Pick n’ Save generously responded, and a huge donation of Easter candy arrived from Piggly Wiggly. The family was able to convert lunch bags into more than 250 Easter gift bags. Lynn and Emma filled the bags with treats for Shorehaven residents in assisted and skilled nursing. The family even included bunny bags for staff working the Easter holiday.

“Emma and I had a lot of fun cutting and putting faces on the bags,” Lynn said. Then with help from our families, we assembled and delivered them with love and social distancing. Each bag included lots of candy, chips, Cutie oranges, and cards from kids in the area. We even made some special bags for the residents’ pets since we know how important pets are.”

The Darnell family extends heartfelt appreciation to Piggly Wiggly, Pick n’ Save, Rose and Thomas Barton, Gail Staude, Cindy Venem, Amy and Robert Rizzo, Kelly and Ed Webb, Phil and Maggie Battenberg, Eric and Geri Darnell and family; the families of the Kratzers, Brinks, Faivres, Higginsons, Jessica Nevermann and family, Darnell’s husband Charlie, and to all those who donated anonymously.