Sherry RadyShorehaven Tower employee Sherry Rady just wanted to do a little something to brighten residents’ day. She didn’t know it would create a groundswell of support.

“I was just walking on the skywalk one day, and I thought of it. Wouldn’t it be nice if I put up messages of hope for residents and staff crossing the skywalk?” Sherry noted.

She set to work combing Woman’s World Magazine for inspirational quotes, created her own sayings, gathered paper supplies, and printed the messages on her home printer. She made dozens and placed them on the skywalk beams several feet apart, “to encourage walkers to keep going, to find a milestone, to search for the positive,” she smiled.

“My heart is full,” Sherry said. “So many residents pause and smile at the messages. I think they’re working. . . If the signs can just brighten someone’s minute, it’s worth it. Maybe just a kind thought on their walk across the skywalk can give residents hope.”

In the meantime, Sherry is cranking out inspirational messages every two weeks, switching up the signage, and gaining momentum in the feedback. “Nobody knew it was me, and that was good,” she laughed. “My husband said he was running out of toner in the home printer. I told him, ‘That’s too bad, now go get some more. The residents are counting on it.’”