It’s an exciting week for Oconomowoc. The town is a buzz celebrating the 80th anniversary of the debut of the Wizard of Oz. And just as the power of the film has withstood generations, we here at Shorehaven are humbled this month to celebrate 80 years of strength and service to our Lake Country community.

Dale HeadShot3 Small

Shorehaven CEO, Dale Dahlke

I can imagine that 80 years ago, our founders sat around a kitchen table and imagined what would be Lutheran Homes for the Aged. What strikes me, is that a lot of things have changed over the years. . . And a lot of things haven’t. Our mission remains the same: “Reflecting Christ’s love, we provide homes and resources for seniors.”

We work at our mission every day; we continually work to get it right. We’ve grown through technology, we’ve grown in staffing, we’ve grown through Christ’s love. The hands that provide care on this campus are the hands that make us truly “Trusted for Generations.”

We’re proud to live with the people who have made our community great. We are part of Oconomowoc and Oconomowoc is part of us.

I can’t imagine that our founders, when they sat around that kitchen table, could’ve thought that Shorehaven would be the gem that it is today. . . employing nearly 400 people, seeing about 400 volunteers on our campus, and serving about 400 of our community’s seniors – the people who made Oconomowoc what it is.

As we look back over the past eight decades, we thank you for being part of this milestone. If you haven’t already, please stop by and see us here at Shorehaven and let us show you how we reflect Christ’s love in this place we call home.