At Shorehaven, we strive to offer programs and services that enhance your quality of life and keep you plugged-in to all we have to offer. We also understand that moving to a new community can be a considerable change for residents, and we want to help ensure new residents have a smooth transition to our campus.

ambassadorsThat’s why we have initiated our Lake Terrace Apartments Resident Ambassador Program—a welcoming committee of sorts—to help newcomers feel at home when they arrive.

“I think it’s nice to meet new people and welcome them to the community. It makes everyone feel good,” says Gayle Duncan, one of Shorehaven’s Resident Ambassadors. “It’s a great opportunity to help others get acclimated and feel like they belong.”

Senior Living Coordinator Lisa Recht said the new program can help ensure new residents have a smooth transition from day one by pairing them with an ambassador.

The ambassadors escort new residents to some of their first several meals and activities. After getting to know a little about them, an ambassador will introduce the new resident with other residents who have similar interests and hopefully, they will become friends.

“Coming into any of our communities is a huge change for new residents,” says Bill Jones, Lake Terrace Apartments resident and a Resident Ambassador himself. “And one of the scariest places can be during a social hour or finding a friend for dinner. It’s like being the new kid in the school cafeteria. We want everyone to feel like they have a place at the table.”

Of course, the friendship found in Shorehaven’s Lake Terrace Apartments doesn’t end after the first few weeks. From coffee hours to community gatherings and destination trips, our ambassadors are a touch-point, an ever-present resource to help residents feel at home. And that’s the thing about Shorehaven Senior Living. The next person you’re introduced to could quickly become your best friend.