“It’s a stimulating sensory adventure for both residents and staff.”

—Resident care manager Jan Z.

Memory care erupts with laughter these days when residents gather around the newly acquired OmiVista system. OmiVista is an interactive floor and table projector system that responds to gesture and movement, creating dynamic images on any surface including floors, tables, and overbed tables. The system was purchased through a Balg grant, designed to enhance resident lives.

“The staff is enjoying it as much as the residents,” explained resident care manager Jan Zimmerman. “Residents recall their childhoods through the baking, fishing, farming, undersea and star gazing programs. Staff learn more about the individual resident, and there is immediate, spontaneous engagement.”

Zimmerman described how OmiVista sparks more creativity, verbalization, descreases behavioral episodes, and offers households “something to look forward to.” “It’s so easy, too. Staff just set it up, pull residents up to the table and turn it on. And then the magic happens.”

Residents refine skills including fine and gross motor maintenance, range of motion, color identification, depth perception, recall and reaction times. Exercises involve reminiscing, competition, language and mathematics components. “Many executive functions are addressed through interactive play with OmiVista,” said Zimmerman. “Plus, it’s just plain fun.”