The Woodland Household moved to first floor Greenland this month so that construction could begin in Woodland. The remodeling of Shorehaven households will enhance resident areas and offer a more efficient navigation system for staff. Administrator Emily Karls noted, “This project is exciting because we looked at the feedback of the residents, families and staff, integrating as much change as we could while still keeping our outside structure intact. We’ve learned a great deal through previous renovations, and have a plan in place to make this as seamless as possible for the residents and household staff.”

Hoffman Planning, Design and Construction, Inc. is providing the contractor work. Field Project manager Chuck Huss reported that crews have completed the containment walls, installed life safety signage and started demolition of the Woodland Household. Next week they’ll start with more demolition and flooring, balancing cabinets and starting to paint the Woodland space.

“I really enjoy this project,” said Huss. “I know some of these residents have been involved in construction. We like it when they point things out to us.” Huss plans to bring his dog Ziggy in to meet the residents, too.

maintenanceKarls concluded, “We’re very grateful for everyone who has donated to our construction project, as a non-profit we always look at ways to keep costs in control, and the generosity of our community has made a big difference in what we can provide our residents.”