melissa b heartHere we are in the second month of 2019 already!  Happy Valentine’s day!  Happy American Heart month!  This February wear red and repeat the mantra….”LOVE THYSELF.”

I’ve heard lots of New Year’s resolutions throughout our campus over the past two months and one of them I really liked, “Be Kinder.”  This world could definitely use more kindness, so how about starting with yourself.  LOVE THYSELF.

I am often asked these types of questions during nutrition consultations…”Is coconut oil good or bad?”  “Is eating red meat good or bad?” … I really don’t like putting the label ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on anything we eat.

How about focusing on being present at your meal. Taking three big, deep belly breaths before you ‘dig in’.  This helps prepare your digestive system and makes you more conscious of what you are about to eat.  You could ask yourself, “is this food going to nourish my body?”  Many times if we pause and reflect instead of rapidly inhaling our food we will be more inclined to make ‘healthier’ choices.

So, don’t beat yourself up this month.  Small changes add up to a healthier 2019.  If God made the food, it’s a great clue that your body can use it.  If it came in a box with more ingredients than you can pronounce, there might be a better option?

If your Valentine plans include a ‘rich dinner’ or a ‘sinful dessert’ and you ‘fall off the bandwagon’, dust yourself off and get back on.  Better yet, take a walk down to the next stop and then get back on…moving more is another great heart month tip.

Go on LOVE THYSELF this February and all of 2019.  Here’s to a healthier you!

Melissa Burchardt, Shorehaven Registered/Certified Dietitian