Bring on the free kayak and paddleboard adventures for Shorehaven staff! The aquatic retreat on Lac La Belle will provide serene moments and fun gatherings. According to Volunteer Manager Kris G., “The Shorehaven Service League of Volunteers are grateful for the hard work and dedication of Shorehaven staff. The Service League’s mission is to enhance the lives of Shorehaven residents. No matter what staff position you hold, you are important in the lives of our residents.” To thank staff, the Service League has purchased kayaks, paddleboards, paddles, and adult life vests for all staff to enjoy on Lac LaBelle.
Equipment Reservation Guidelines:
• Employees may reserve equipment for themselves and their guests (guests may not use the equipment without a staff person).
• Equipment must be returned to the proper racks after each use.
• Each person must have a USCG approved life jacket easily accessible. Adult life jackets are provided and Shorehaven strongly encourages everyone to wear a life jacket at all times. Shorehaven does not provide children’s life jackets.
• Employees may reserve equipment from sunrise to sunset (Currently 6am – 7pm). Boats on the water between sunset and sunrise require approved navigation lights. Our equipment does not have lights therefore it may only be used during daylight hours.
• If there are any questions please contact Kris Gallert at 262-560-6915
• Have Fun!kayaks staff2